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Most dogs don’t mind getting and staying dirty. In fact, many seem thrilled to find stinky stuff to roll in—like dead animals. Most pet parents, on the other hand, would rather not share their lives with smelly or dirt-encrusted dogs.

Many dogs find bath time unpleasant—and who can blame them? It involves being restrained, soaked with water (which some dogs really dislike), slathered in scented suds and handled in various, sometimes uncomfortable ways.

Some dogs are fearful or aggressive when their pet parents attempt to bathe or handle them. Signs of fear or aggression include trembling, trying to get away or hide, drooling, panting, whining, freezing, staring, growling, snarling, snapping and, of course, biting.

Because of their activities, breed types, or individual skin or coat types, some dogs need baths more often than others. For example, some dogs’ coats just get oily quickly, regardless of their outdoor activities. Other dogs spend lots of time outdoors and get dirty fast. However, if you bathe your dog too often, you might cause skin irritation and flaking, so be sure to check with your dog’s veterinarian to find out how frequently you should give your dog baths.

However, you can help your dog learn to tolerate—and maybe even enjoy—bathing.

Give your pet “Dry Bath”

"Bathe Me Dry - A Natural Dry Shampoo"

First time in India, Natural Remedies Pvt. Ltd. has come up with a concept of Dry Bathing. “Bathe Me Dry” a dry Shampoo for Dogs, which will helps in reducing the frequency of time consuming rinse bath. “Bath Me Dry” is a quick and convenient way of bathing, which will make the bathing experience enjoyable to both you and your Dog.

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What Not to Do

Bathe Me Dry - Natural Dry Shampoo
  • Do not physically punish or yell at your dog if he resists bathing. Doing this will only make him feels worse about the activity, and it will probably worsen his behavior. 
  •  Instead go for DRY BATHING.Use "BATHE ME DRY" – A Natural Dry Shampoo. 'No Rinses No Fuss'.
  • Do not force your dog to submit to bathing if he’s obviously frightened. Contact a professional behavior expert for help instead.


Does your dog love getting soaped and shampooed?
This is a simple question which I had asked couple of times on facebook from the pet lovers, and some of the answers were like these;
“no way the very sight of towel and shampoo he will run under the cot”, “never ever...the very sight of a bucket makes him run away”, “he runs under the table”, “no always runs away”, “she baths me and run away”, “No ways... Tiger (German Shepherd) behaves as though its end of the world when we give bath to him”

Other question which I asked was, “How many times in a month you bath your dog?”
“The answers were once in a month, fortnightly, once in a week; it depends on breed, in winter once in a month or may be once in 2 months”

Dog Hate Bathing
The reason behind asking these bathing related questions was that I want to know how many people are feeling it difficult to give a rinse bath to the dogs. The result which comes out was not quite socking and as expected majority of people are feeling rinse bathing a time consuming and inconvenient task. The situation even get worse in winters, even humans are trying to escape daily baths in winter season, than we can imagine about the feelings of pets. Dog generally don’t like to get wet and that to winter it’s like trying to straighten the tail of dogs.

Bathing is a way to keep your pets clean, remove dirt, ticks and fleas, so as to keep them healthy. But, it is generally known that pets such as dogs and cats and, particularly dogs, have a strong dislike for being bathed. Many a times, they try to slip and slide while given rinse bath, which is the most stressful part of bath time for a dog. So, it’s a cumbersome job to bathe a dog.

Problems of Frequent Rinse Bathing

If a dog is bathed too often the skin will be stripped of its natural, protective oils. This will result in dry itchy skin, which will cause your dog to scratch, further irritating the already sensitive skin. It further lays ground for various infections and infestation by ticks, mites and fleas which will enhance the scratching and irritation, thereby total discomfort for a dog. That is why it is recommended bathe a dog less frequently. How often your dog needs a bath depends on his lifestyle and coat. A dog romping in the fields all day will likely need a bath more frequently than a more sedentary dog, and a dog with long hair will likely need to be bathed more often than a short-coated dog. As a general rule a dog should not be bathed more than once in a month. Many breeds can go much longer than that. Also, frequent rinse bathing can cause the coat to soften and reduce its insulating qualities.

Dirt, debris, ticks, mites and fleas left in the coat is dangerous for following reasons.
1. The dog will try to clean their fur by licking it. So they will ingest things like lint, flakes of paint, debris from automobiles and even asbestos fibers all of which can cause many internal problems.
2. The toxins released by ticks, mites and fleas in the fur can cause skin irritations which leads to itchy skin.
3. Accumulated toxins as well as normal dirt and debris encourage germs and parasites to flourish. They can also lower energy levels by overburdening normal bodily functions.

Problems of Rinse Bathing
Also, after rinse bathing the water remains in the ears, which is one of the most common causes of ear infections in dogs.

But million dollar question is that if we do not give our pet a regular bath, they tend to develop dandruff which can be allergic or traumatic for both the pet and the person bathing the pet.

The answer of all these problems is Dry Bath, which helps in reducing the frequency of rinse bathing. Dry bath will make bathing experience enjoyable and the same time will give cleanliness and fresh fur feeling to your pet and helps you in getting rid of bad odour. In short Dry Bath will reduce the frequency of inconvenient rinse bath.

“Bath Me Dry”

Bathe Me Dry - A Natural Dry Shampoo
First time in India, Natural Remedies Pvt. Ltd. has come up with a concept of Dry Bathing. “Bathe Me Dry” a dry Shampoo for Dogs, which will helps in reducing the frequency of time consuming rinse bath. “Bath Me Dry” is a quick and convenient way of bathing, which will make the bathing experience enjoyable to both you and your Dog.


Bathe Me Dry - Natural Dry Shampoo
No rinse. No fuss. Bathing a dog with Dry Shampoo is quick and convenient way to keep our pet clean and refreshed without use of single drop of water. It gives a comfortable approach to dog for being cleaned, thereby making it a pleasurable experience for him. It does not create messy surrounding.

We have to just sparingly sprinkle the shampoo powder at roots all over the body and gently scrub the coat with a brush to distribute the powder evenly. Allow 2 minutes to act and brush through the coat to release the dirt, leaving cleaner and fresher hair coat. It can be used once in 7–10 days or as per need of the breed and its activity. It is suitable for all types of dogs. It is
mild, gentle and causes no irritation to skin.

It will keep the dog clean, comfortable and looking well in-between rinse baths without depletion of natural essential protective oils from the coat. It also helps to distribute the skin’s natural oil evenly throughout the coat and cuts down shedding. Also, frequent brushing stimulates skin health by bringing secretions from oil glands onto the skin.

Dogs tend to absorb allergens through the skin. Weekly bathing dog with Dry Shampoo can prevent itchiness by washing allergens away before they get a chance to penetrate the skin.

Sometimes the fur gets matted, the skin cannot breathe and so compelling the dog to scratch and pull out fur, which can result in sores. Weekly bathing dog with Dry Shampoo helps to remove mattes from building up.

It provides no favorable environment for various ectoparasites/fungal infections to establish themselves at skin. Also as it powdered dry shampoo, it diminishes the chances of ear infections.

Moreover, it gives us an opportunity to inspect the coat and get first hand information for any problems such as ectoparasites/fungal infection and keenly observe the dull coat which can be a sign of nutritional deficiency or intestinal parasitism. It will help us to rectify the same at its initial level.

Dry Shampoo deodorizes the coat and with its citrus fragrance, it makes owner feel fresh with his pet as it dominates doggy odour.

Thus, Natural Dry Shampoo is quick, convenient and comprehensive way to keep dogs clean, refreshed, shiny and healthy.

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