Pet & Ghosts - A Mystery

Pets and Ghosts - A Mystery
"Spirit Of Animals" 
A Real Experience of Nuria Rodriguez

This is a real story of one of the member of Pet Tribe's Facebook fan page, Nuria Rodriguez. She mailed us her experience regarding pets and their senses to feel ghosts. We would loved to hear some more interesting incidents or experience from her and our other members regarding their pets.

Nuria experience: 
My first experience happened a few weeks after I moved into a new apartment.  I had 2 cats at the time.  I was laying on the floor, playing with one and felt a breath at the back of my neck, and my hair moving.  I heard a purr next to my ear and when I turned, there was nothing there.  My other cat was sitting by the window, nowhere near me and the other cat.  Other instances are just little things.  I'll be on my bed, and feel like one of my cats is walking on the bed, but when I look up, there's nothing there. 

I see images out of the corner of my eyes, and when I turn, there is nothing there.  One of the more prominent things to have happened was one day I was walking upstairs.  By this time, I had 5 cats, one being an orange tabby.  As I got to the top of the stairs, I saw Maks, (my orange little guy) walking into the bathroom.  Now, I saw this clear as day, straight on.  As I saw him walking in, I walked toward the bathroom as well.  My eyes never left the bathroom door, so had he walked out I would have seen him.  I walked into the bathroom, and it was empty.  Not only was Maks not in there, but I walked out, and looked over the rail of the loft and saw Maks had been downstairs sleeping next to the window the entire time.  And then about a month ago, I was walking downstairs at night, and went to turn on the light in the hall.  For a split second, I saw a black cat walking in front of me, then just disappear. 

I know my cats and dog sense these other beings.  I see them staring in certain directions sometimes, and then meowing at something.  Now and then I'll see them walking and jump, as though something touched them they did not expect. 

The way I see it, as long as they don't feel threatened by anything here, it's all good.  There are a lot of stray cats in this complex, and I wake up early in the morning and go down and feed them in a secret spot.  I wonder if maybe some of the spirits of cats just figured this is a nice place to hang out in.  They are certainly welcome here, as long as they all play nice.

Written by : Nuria Rodriguez 

                   Pets and Their Senses 


Have you ever noticed that when a storm is approaching, your pet will act differently? 

Pets are often known to quit eating and change their behavior when their owners are sick and/or in the hospital. Dogs have been known to starve themselves to death after a death of a Master.

Yet, to say that Animals have the ability to see and hear the Paranormal is absurd to some. Pets, (and babies for that matter) are very attuned to the Paranormal. Probably more-so in their own house, as that is "their" territory, and they are by nature, protective.

No one can deny that animals have exceptional capabilities. The number of animals who have found their way home from hundreds of miles away, and after many years...coincidence?

Electromagnetic fields?
Dogs and Cats are more highly sensitized to electromagnetic activity than most humans. This tends to make them natural psychics. Any anomalous activity would normally be picked up by an animal.
Just as mentioned above, Dog acts weird when there is a storm approaching. Most animals do. I have watched my dog walk up to the door, tail wagging, to greet...absolutely no one I could see. My Papi (Yes, his name is Papi) will sit and turn his head, as his eyes follow something move across the room. I don't see it, but he does.

My Daughter, who swears that she has seen shadows move quickly into the kitchen on many occasions, seems to share the anxiety of my Dog, who will not even eat in the kitchen if he is by himself. He just does NOT like it in there.

Although I have always felt a comforting, almost protective force in this house, I have encountered the Paranormal. Fortunately, although my Dog and Daughter fear the Kitchen, we have had no harmful, and only minor frightening experiences. Most are comforting and protective, and quite friendly.

Other True Paranormal Story About Pets

I, with my cat and dog curled up for warmth, sat on a heater vent wrapped in a blanket. I was in the living room with a perfect view of the entryway. From here I heard some footsteps upstairs. The cat's and dog's ears both perked up at the sound of the footsteps as they seemed to go down the hall toward the top of the spiraling staircase in the entryway. Both animals watched some invisible presence slowly walk down the stairs and through the living room then into the dining room. I, quite apprehensively, looked between both my cat's and my dog's ears as their heads and eyes seemed to follow someone walking though my house. Both animals' heads moved in tandem and the acted very much aware of the presence. Yet I could sense nothing aside from the sound of steps and the reaction of the animals. I was somewhat disappoint.

Author - Unknown 

Can dogs see ghosts ?

A howling dog on a rainy moonless night is a common scene in horror and mystery movies. A dog that stares at nothing and then barks, whines and cowers would certainly make your hair stand on ends and for chill to run up your spine especially if you are alone. Dogs are commonly believed to have the ability to see the unseen. Can dogs really see ghosts? Many dog owning individuals have their own stories about unexplainable paranormal situations that involved the pet. Although it is hard to believe something that is never seen, most people believe that dogs can see ghosts. 

What are ghosts and why are dogs believed to have the ability to see these "something" that go bump in the night? A ghost, as depicted by people who profess to have seen one, is an unspecific semi transparent form that resembles the form of the person it once was. Paranormal researchers believe that a ghost or an apparition is the spirit/energy of a person that has died usually from a traumatic or a highly unusual circumstance. Oftentimes, the spirits are not aware that they have died as they are stuck between the level of existence and passing over. These apparitions are perceived by humans commonly through peripheral vision. Most of the times, the presence can be sensed. The odor attributed to the departed and the voices are noticed as well. It is believed that only people with 6th sense or people with an "open" eye can see, smell, hear and feel the presence of ghosts. 

Dogs are noted for their heightened senses. The dog's senses are far superior to what humans have. Dogs are noted to have poorly developed sense of taste. Dogs eat anything that other animals would find offensive. However, the other senses can never be faulted. A dog's sense of sight, sense of smell, sense of hearing and touch are highly developed. Dogs and other animals for that matter are credited to have a 6th sense as well. These ultrasensitive senses allow the dog to see and sense not only ghosts and spirits but also other paranormal things that humans cannot sense and see. 

This phenomenon was demonstrated when a tsunami devastated parts of Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Thousands of people were killed but virtually no dogs and other animals died. These animals were able to escape. It was noted that before the tsunami happened, dogs refused to walk on the beach. Apparently, the dogs were able to sense that something devastating is about to happen. 

Unbelievers and skeptics though have a scientific explanation for a dog's so called ability to see ghosts. Because of dog's superior hearing ability, it can hear distant sounds that are impossible for humans to hear. Moreover, dogs detect sounds much faster than humans can. For a low sound to be heard by humans, the frequency range has to be from 20 to 70 Hz. Sound frequencies as low as 16 to 20 Hz can be heard by the dog because the 18 or more muscles in a dog's ear allow for greater mobility. A dog can tilt, raise or lower and practically rotate the ears to be able to hear the sound and pinpoint the exact location the sound is emanating from. Dogs have eyes that can see better in the dark. 

A dog that is calmly sitting beside you suddenly growls, stares at nothing and starts to bark. The dog's whining and barking, the cowering and the tail that is between the legs would certainly make goose bumps erupt. It would certainly be hard to stay calm given that this kind of actuation is commonly attributed to the presence of unseen beings. But it is also possible that your pooch is warning you of an oncoming intruder.

                                "Sister" Makes Her Presence Known"
                                  A Real Story by Sharon S.

This true story happened to my husband, me and our 18-year-old daughter on New Year's Day, 2001. We had borrowed a digital camera from a friend to take some pictures of my daughter to put on the computer and send to relatives. It's the kind of digital camera that stores the photos directly onto floppy diskettes. My husband reached into a brand-new box of floppy diskettes we had just bought and started to take photos of my daughter. She posed in different areas, and in one shot sat on the floor by our bar. This area was the place our little female fox terrier named "Sister" had her bed and always slept. It was her favorite place. We had to have Sister put to sleep in March, 2000. It was a very sad day for us all.

When we finished taking the photos, we put the floppy disk into the computer and brought up the picture files. Normally, all these files just have a number beside them like "MCV624" or something like that. We were all looking at the computer monitor when we noticed the last picture listed read "Sister"! We all shouted, "What?!" We just took that photo on a new disk and no one could have put the word "Sister" on that file! It defied explanation, and all three of us witnessed it.
We did not know what we would find when we opened the file! We opened it... and there was a photo of our dog, Sister, lying in her bed! Needless to say, we were shocked! My daughter was so upset she almost began to cry and could not eat her dinner. We were all a little shaky!

To me, this is proof that animals do live on, and it was Sister's way of telling us that she wanted us not to forget her. I still hear her toenails clicking outside the back door on dark nights. It makes me wonder even more where all living things really go after death and how "communication" could be possible. To us, there is no other explanation of what happened that night.                                      

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