Saturday, 30 June 2012

Bathe Me Dry - Natural Dry Shampoo
No rinse. No fuss. Bathing a dog with Dry Shampoo is quick and convenient way to keep our pet clean and refreshed without use of single drop of water. It gives a comfortable approach to dog for being cleaned, thereby making it a pleasurable experience for him. It does not create messy surrounding.

We have to just sparingly sprinkle the shampoo powder at roots all over the body and gently scrub the coat with a brush to distribute the powder evenly. Allow 2 minutes to act and brush through the coat to release the dirt, leaving cleaner and fresher hair coat. It can be used once in 7–10 days or as per need of the breed and its activity. It is suitable for all types of dogs. It is
mild, gentle and causes no irritation to skin.

It will keep the dog clean, comfortable and looking well in-between rinse baths without depletion of natural essential protective oils from the coat. It also helps to distribute the skin’s natural oil evenly throughout the coat and cuts down shedding. Also, frequent brushing stimulates skin health by bringing secretions from oil glands onto the skin.

Dogs tend to absorb allergens through the skin. Weekly bathing dog with Dry Shampoo can prevent itchiness by washing allergens away before they get a chance to penetrate the skin.

Sometimes the fur gets matted, the skin cannot breathe and so compelling the dog to scratch and pull out fur, which can result in sores. Weekly bathing dog with Dry Shampoo helps to remove mattes from building up.

It provides no favorable environment for various ectoparasites/fungal infections to establish themselves at skin. Also as it powdered dry shampoo, it diminishes the chances of ear infections.

Moreover, it gives us an opportunity to inspect the coat and get first hand information for any problems such as ectoparasites/fungal infection and keenly observe the dull coat which can be a sign of nutritional deficiency or intestinal parasitism. It will help us to rectify the same at its initial level.

Dry Shampoo deodorizes the coat and with its citrus fragrance, it makes owner feel fresh with his pet as it dominates doggy odour.

Thus, Natural Dry Shampoo is quick, convenient and comprehensive way to keep dogs clean, refreshed, shiny and healthy.

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