Monday, 20 August 2012

Dog Makes Kid Happy & Healthier 

Children who are born to a family with furry pets seem more able to ward off certain illnesses. Although it's a pretty common thing to see newborns with minor respiratory issues and ear infections, researchers found those babies who had more interaction with animals seemed to have fewer of these problems and needed less medication, even when they were sick.

Children who keep pets are healthier and more emotionally balanced. Specifically, kids who had a dog during their first year of life had 31 percent fewer respiratory tract infections than kids who didn't live with a dog, researchers found. Kids from dog-owning homes also had fewer ear infections -- 44 percent fewer than kids from non dog-owning homes -- and needed fewer antibiotics.

Children learn lifelong skills from pets and, likewise, animals adore being with kids. Your children probably treat your dog like another sibling - they sleep together, play together and even disagree sometimes. But dogs deserve proper handling from all of your family members, so it's your job to teach your children and your dog how to treat each other.

To put a smile on your face here are couple of You Tube videos of Babies laughing at Dogs. 

Laughing Baby and Bubble Eating Dog
We're not sure what's funnier -- the dog, or the baby's bubble helmet.

Baby Lucy Laughing With Dog
From this first face-to-face meeting, we think these two are going to be the best of friends.

10 Infectious YouTube Clips of Babies Laughing at Dogs [VIDEO]

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