Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Pets and Ghosts - A Mystery
"Spirit Of Animals" 
A Real Experience of Nuria Rodriguez

This is a real story of one of the member of Pet Tribe's Facebook fan page, Nuria Rodriguez. She mailed us her experience regarding pets and their senses to feel ghosts. We would loved to hear some more interesting incidents or experience from her and our other members regarding their pets.

Nuria experience: 
My first experience happened a few weeks after I moved into a new apartment.  I had 2 cats at the time.  I was laying on the floor, playing with one and felt a breath at the back of my neck, and my hair moving.  I heard a purr next to my ear and when I turned, there was nothing there.  My other cat was sitting by the window, nowhere near me and the other cat.  Other instances are just little things.  I'll be on my bed, and feel like one of my cats is walking on the bed, but when I look up, there's nothing there. 

I see images out of the corner of my eyes, and when I turn, there is nothing there.  One of the more prominent things to have happened was one day I was walking upstairs.  By this time, I had 5 cats, one being an orange tabby.  As I got to the top of the stairs, I saw Maks, (my orange little guy) walking into the bathroom.  Now, I saw this clear as day, straight on.  As I saw him walking in, I walked toward the bathroom as well.  My eyes never left the bathroom door, so had he walked out I would have seen him.  I walked into the bathroom, and it was empty.  Not only was Maks not in there, but I walked out, and looked over the rail of the loft and saw Maks had been downstairs sleeping next to the window the entire time.  And then about a month ago, I was walking downstairs at night, and went to turn on the light in the hall.  For a split second, I saw a black cat walking in front of me, then just disappear. 

I know my cats and dog sense these other beings.  I see them staring in certain directions sometimes, and then meowing at something.  Now and then I'll see them walking and jump, as though something touched them they did not expect. 

The way I see it, as long as they don't feel threatened by anything here, it's all good.  There are a lot of stray cats in this complex, and I wake up early in the morning and go down and feed them in a secret spot.  I wonder if maybe some of the spirits of cats just figured this is a nice place to hang out in.  They are certainly welcome here, as long as they all play nice.

Written by : Nuria Rodriguez 

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I'm really interested in reading about others who have had experiences too!