Thursday, 22 March 2012

                   Pets and Their Senses 


Have you ever noticed that when a storm is approaching, your pet will act differently? 

Pets are often known to quit eating and change their behavior when their owners are sick and/or in the hospital. Dogs have been known to starve themselves to death after a death of a Master.

Yet, to say that Animals have the ability to see and hear the Paranormal is absurd to some. Pets, (and babies for that matter) are very attuned to the Paranormal. Probably more-so in their own house, as that is "their" territory, and they are by nature, protective.

No one can deny that animals have exceptional capabilities. The number of animals who have found their way home from hundreds of miles away, and after many years...coincidence?

Electromagnetic fields?
Dogs and Cats are more highly sensitized to electromagnetic activity than most humans. This tends to make them natural psychics. Any anomalous activity would normally be picked up by an animal.
Just as mentioned above, Dog acts weird when there is a storm approaching. Most animals do. I have watched my dog walk up to the door, tail wagging, to greet...absolutely no one I could see. My Papi (Yes, his name is Papi) will sit and turn his head, as his eyes follow something move across the room. I don't see it, but he does.

My Daughter, who swears that she has seen shadows move quickly into the kitchen on many occasions, seems to share the anxiety of my Dog, who will not even eat in the kitchen if he is by himself. He just does NOT like it in there.

Although I have always felt a comforting, almost protective force in this house, I have encountered the Paranormal. Fortunately, although my Dog and Daughter fear the Kitchen, we have had no harmful, and only minor frightening experiences. Most are comforting and protective, and quite friendly.

Other True Paranormal Story About Pets

I, with my cat and dog curled up for warmth, sat on a heater vent wrapped in a blanket. I was in the living room with a perfect view of the entryway. From here I heard some footsteps upstairs. The cat's and dog's ears both perked up at the sound of the footsteps as they seemed to go down the hall toward the top of the spiraling staircase in the entryway. Both animals watched some invisible presence slowly walk down the stairs and through the living room then into the dining room. I, quite apprehensively, looked between both my cat's and my dog's ears as their heads and eyes seemed to follow someone walking though my house. Both animals' heads moved in tandem and the acted very much aware of the presence. Yet I could sense nothing aside from the sound of steps and the reaction of the animals. I was somewhat disappoint.

Author - Unknown 

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