Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Does Dogs have GPS: 

How Do Lost Dogs Find Their Way Back to Home

You must have heard the stories of dogs, which lost their way and reached to some unknown places and yet amazingly they find their way back to homes, walking for miles, crossing number of unknown streets, landscapes and mountains. From fictional stories like Old Yeller and The Incredible Journey to the real life incidence of people, who would be telling about how they lost their dog some months ago and surprisingly one day they find their dogs on the footsteps of their homes. In some incidence dogs were missing from more than a year and suddenly after a year or more, they come back to their owners. Nobody knows where they had been during these missing months, what they had eaten, how they found their way back.

Such stories often people leave wondering, if their brains are equipped with GPS (Global Positioning System), or it’s because of their strong sniffing ability. Some people are describing it as a emotional attachment or emotional GPS, which helps lost dogs find their home back against all odds, travels long distances to find his way home. On the other hand some people will describe this, dog’s intelligence. But it takes much more than intelligence to wander through unknown streets and prairies in search of a familiar face. It takes great deal of attention and synergy of five senses to make it possible.

If talking about the senses, some researchers are also arguing about the sixth sense present in the pets or animals. Due to their sixth sense they can judge in advance about the abnormal things. Researchers are giving examples of Tsunami in which miraculously very few animals died on the other hand so called intelligent creatures i.e humans died in millions of numbers.

There is no doubt on the dog’s amazing ability of sniffing and identifying the similar scent from the number of different smells. That’s the reason why every nation has sniffing dog brigade in their security forces. Such dogs are capable of detecting scents for great distances and with great accuracy. Not to mention bomb detecting dogs that can detect fragments of explosives among hundreds of other smells.

However, it takes more than a great sense of smell to sniff the way back home. Some studies suggest that dogs have an electromagnetic sense that makes time quite sensitive to minimal vibrations. This sixth sense is something that allows dogs to predict earthquakes and find their way home across several miles.

These amazing abilities may blend in the dogs because of their ancestors like wolves and wild dogs. These wolves and wild dog’s used to travel miles in search of food and water and than finding their way back to their territories.

It becomes possible for dogs because of special navigational maps dogs are capable of creating and the combination of skills and their hereditary gifts. By synchronizing the great sniffing abilities, their ability of good observation of surrounding things, exceptional hearing abilities and possibly, an uncanny ability to perceive magnetic fields and the position of the sun, which some researchers are describing as sixth sense. Combination of these abilities make a great GPS system in dogs brains which help them in finding their way back to home, after travelling miles and spending months away from home.

But again the question arises, if dogs have such exceptional GPS system or combination of senses, then why they lost their way. Why everyday newspapers columns are full of lost dog and missing dogs. This still remain a mystery and there are some things which are above the science. Still more research need to be done on this.

Possibly the best answer would be that some dogs are equipped with some super natural powers or extra sensorial abilities which are above the understanding of humans.  

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