Tuesday, 30 April 2013

How to Choose a Right Dog Breed

Are you planning to add a new companion to your family? Adding a dog to your family can be exhilarating but adopting or getting a dog is a big promise, and it’s essential that you consider all the consequences prior to bringing a new member home.

Pet owners need to know about the breeds and their characteristics before selecting one. It is important to know which breed will suit your requirement otherwise it will be a big headache for you and your dog.  For example, an older couple which is not active gets an over active Labrador that needs a lot of exercise, then it will be a nightmare for them as well as for the dog.

Dogs will not only take up your time in terms of exercising, feeding, and grooming, they’re also extremely social creatures that need play and attention. Following tips will help you in selecting right type of breed.
1        House Size: - Where do you live and will your house accommodate the breed you want to bring home? It is very important to consider the size of the house and size of the breed before buying the dog.
As an example; if you are living in an apartment, it is better to go for a toy breed or medium size dog breed which doesn’t require much space.
2       Kids and Dogs: - Some breeds are better with kids than others. Flimsy dogs like Chihuahua are not advisable because they are too fragile to let the children take care of them. Big dog breeds like Saint Bernard may not be suitable for kids.
Dog breed must be selected based on the age of the children. It is not wise to get a dog if children are less than 8 years old.
3       The Nature of the job: - If you are busy in your job and don’t have much time for your dog. It’s better to go for Terrier breeds. They don’t require much grooming as most terriers have short hair coat. It’s important to select a breed based on the time you can give to your dog.
4       Based on your future circumstances: - Most of the people want to adopt a younger dog or a puppy. They don’t want to go for old dogs. But if your circumstances are such that you cannot own a dog for longer period of time say 10-15 years, due to job or any other reasons, it is better to adopt an old dog, so you don’t need to give it up for adoption. In this way an abandoned dog will get a home and you will get a loving friend.
5       Are You Allergic: - If you are allergic to dog but you want to go for a dog, it is better to choose a less hairy breed that does not shed or shed hair minimally.
6       Climate: - If you are living in a desert or a hot place it is of no use to go for Siberian husky. Dog breed must be selected on the basis of climate where you live. Otherwise it will be a suffering for you and for the dog you adopted.

Millions of dogs worldwide get euthanize because of the wrong breed selection. They will be a great addition to your family if you adopt or buy a dog, keeping the above mentioned points in mind.

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