Tuesday, 30 April 2013

When and How to Bathe a Dog

Dogs hate water but they should be given a regular bath so that their coat remains clean and healthy. Dogs like their own natural smell and they hate deodorants. These tips will help you in learning as to when and how to bathe a dog.

Generally dogs don’t like rinse bath. He will often oppose a bath. But bathing does not only clean the skin but it also removes fleas, ticks or bugs from dog coat. If a dog gets used to water during his puppy days then it will be easier to bathe when he will be adult. 

It is not recommended to bathe dog weekly or frequently. This will make the coat dry and skin will lose natural oils. The natural oils are very important as it gives the coat a luster and also puts off itching and dry skin. 

Just as babies, dog’s skin is also very sensitive and it needs special shampoo. Don't use your shampoo on your dog. There are plenty of dog shampoos available in the market, which can be used for rinse bathing a dog. In between rinse bathing one can use dry shampoo like “Bathe Me Dry” for keeping your dog clean without a drop of water.

Grooming should be done along with the bathing. Dog’s hair should be brushed thoroughly and blow dried. The nails should also be clipped. Also teeth should be brushed. Dog deodorant will make him smell nice. After bath, dog will soon lick himself so that he becomes comfortable enough in his own skin.

Alternative options of Bathing with Pet shampoo:
There are varieties of pet shampoos available in the market for wet bath. There are also conditioners and perfumes to be used with those shampoos. There are also some innovative alternatives available like spray style dry shampoos and baby-wipe style shampoos. Another type of shampoo which is gaining popularity is the powder shampoo. Powder dry shampoo is formulated to clean the pet’s coat without a drop of water. It is simple to use, just sprinkle on, massage through and brush it out and can feel fresher than giving a bath.
Bathe Me Dry is one such dry shampoo which is first time introduced in India by Natural Remedies Pvt. Ltd. It is mild and gentle and optimizes natural moisturization and causes no irritation to the skin.

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